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Welcome to RiverSong!

RiverSong, women sharing our joy of creating harmony with the best instrument in the world, the human voice.  To feel the ring of a locked 4-part chord is magical!!

7 Jul. 2014 Posted by Debra.French

RiverSong to Perform at Imagine Eleven for 2nd year

RiverSong performs Sunday night, July 20, as part of the FREE Imagine Eleven Summer Concert series! 

25 Sep. 2013 Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Tangled Tales: A Whimsical Whodunit received rave reviews in Jefferson City

We had such an amazing time at last week's show!  To bring our newest production to the stage of the Miller Performing Arts Center in Jefferson City as a Missouri Touring Artist was a dream come true for everyone!  Tears of joy and many hugs were shared as RiverSong took the stage in Missouri's capital city.  The two-act performance was well received by the audience and our special guest Sensation and the Heart of Missouri chorus topped off a delightful evening.